Thursday, 13 March 2014

Canadians Paranoid of a Housing Bubble

Canadians are the most paranoid of a housing bubble in the English speaking world. Every month Canucks Google-search Canada housing bubble about 2400 times. Add a bunch of other housing bubble related keywords searched for in Canada and in other English speaking countries, adjust for population, and you would get a graph like the one below:

canada housing bubble google keywords analysis

Search activity for the keyword Canada housing bubble peaked in May of 2012. Interestingly, American search activity for the term housing bubble peaked in the summer of 2005 - about two years before the peak of their property bubble. Does this mean that our bubble is going to peak this May? Who knows.

Finally, in case you're curious, below is a short list of average local monthly searches for various Canadian cities:
  • Toronto housing bubble - 590 monthly searches
  • Vancouver housing bubble - 720 monthly searches
  • Calgary housing bubble - 50 monthly searches 
  • Montreal housing bubble - 50 monthly searches 
  • Winnipeg housing bubble - 20 monthly searches 
  • Edmonton housing bubble - 20 monthly searches
  • Regina housing bubble - 20 monthly searches
  • Toronto condo bubble - 590 monthly searches


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