Sunday 22 September 2013

10 Most Popular Jobs in Toronto

Recently Statistics Canada released final data from the national household survey (Census) so I decided to dedicate a post to Toronto's labor force. This post does not really have anything to do with the housing bubble - although I can't help but wonder how some of the below listed workers could afford to buy real estate in this overpriced city. As you read this post, keep in mind that the average home price in Toronto was $531,388 this past August.

1. Retail salespersons
Number of workers: 109,655
Median income: $30,927

2. Retail and wholesale trade managers
Number of workers: 58,990
Income: $43,522
3. Elementary school and kindergarten teachers
Number of workers: 49,220
Median Income: $73,936

4. Financial auditors and accountants 
Number of workers: 48,965
Median income: $66,394

 5. Information systems analysts and consultants
Number of workers: 46,825
Median income: $76,058

6. Administrative assistants
Number of workers: 44,690
Median income: $42,890

7. Cashiers
Number of workers: 44,225
Median income: $21,430

8. Food counter attendants and kitchen helpers
Number of workers: 43,940
Median income: $21,070

9. Administrative officers
Number of workers: 42,410
Median income: $47,734

10. General office support workers
Number of workers: 40,360
Median income: $42,240

Note that the number of workers is for Toronto, and the median income is for Ontario. The median income is based on full time hours. Stats source, National Household Survey.

Bonus Stats about Toronto Labor Force:

class of worker in toronto

mode of transportation in toronto

average commuting time in toronto and other canadian cities

So there you have it. The Toronto labor force visualized. Any surprises? Leave your comments below.


Toronto Unemployment Rate  1987-2013



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