Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Aftermath of the Toronto Flood

What does yesterday's flood in Toronto have to do with real estate? Well, not much besides the hundreds of flooded basements and dozens of home inspectors who need to be fired.

I managed to get some up-close shots of the damage done to the railway bridge over Dixie Road which caused havoc on the Lakeshore West GO line.

Currently commuters have to take shuttle buses between Port Credit and Long Branch stations as a result of the damaged bridge. The railway link between the stations is not expected to be opened until Wednesday afternoon at the earliest.

long branch go train commuter after math of toronto flood
Here you can see hundreds of people waiting for the GO Train at Long Branch Station on Tuesday morning. (Image source: cecater via Instagram.)


Afternoon rush hour. Commuters are heading back home and are required to take shuttle buses between Long Branch station and Port Credit in order to continue their journey home. 

commuters line waiting for a go bus shuttle at long branch

Below you can see GO buses lined up to pick up the train passengers. There were several more parked on nearby streets.

The pictures below show the reason for the track closure on the Lakeshore West GO Train line. The ground underneath the track has been completely washed out. Crews are working to fix the ground underneath the track. 

Global TV was also on site.

I got a permission from a homeowner to take this close up from his property. As you can see, the left part of Dixie Road is covered in gravel that was washed out from the underneath the rail tracks.

dixie road construction railway track toronto flood GO train port credit long branch

I counted almost twenty workers on site working non stop. Kudos to them. According to CityTV the bridge might be fixed by tomorrow evening if weather permits. The following picture shows workers shoveling away the dirt on a pedestrian walk underneath the bridge.

toronto flood aftermath dixie bridge wash out go train rail

toronto flood after math

toronto flood aftermath

toronto flood aftermath

This is just a small sample of the damage caused by the massive amount of rain fall yesterday. As a Torontonian, I really appreciate the fast response of city services and hope that wherever you are, you're safe and dry!



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